Al Fresco

Boca del Lupo is building a new tradition; Al Fresco. On Saturday June 7 from 3pm – 9pm we will be opening up our studio and offices to the elements and to everyone who participated in a Boca del Lupo experience this season. 

Please join our staff and our board along with many of the artists, audience members and supporters that make up our community, of which you are a member.

Al Fresco is a family friendly afternoon BBQ party with a distinctly Boca del Lupo flair.  We’ll have a concession with food and drinks available, there will be games outside and a few participatory surprises in our studio.  We go rain or shine, admission is free, and you are welcome to bring your friends!

Our vision is of a world where art is an integral part of everyone’s everyday lives and we aim to connect with the largest possible audience with the deepest possible impact. We are committed to accessibility by keeping our performances inexpensive and often free. In order to do that we need your support.

…please help us reach our fundraising goal. We hope to raise $8,500 dollars by June 7, 2014.

Our Micro, Macro and Media programming touched over 8,000 people these last twelve months.  From our free summer spectacular, Fall Away Home in Stanley Park last August, to our on-going Micro Performance Series this winter/spring, Boca del Lupo continues to engage with Vancouver in unique and impactful ways. 

Thank you for the part you played.

People everywhere are integrating art into their lives through Boca del Lupo’s programming. Like we said, you’re coming to the party no matter what but if you wish to give, here is what we’ll do: 

Based on the amount of your gift, which is entirely up to you, you will be placed on a bell curve and identified as a Micro, Macro or Media level donor.  Following that, you will receive a charitable tax receipt and recognition in line with your donation level.  For a $10 donation you might find yourself in a large group hug at the party, for a $1000 donation you might find yourself zip-lining through the forest with one of us.  And there are many other possibilities in between… Click the “Donate Now” to dive into an adventure with us.

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