Call for Actors- VICF 2019


Vancouver International Children’s Festival in association with Red Diva Projects and Boca del Lupo are looking for submissions from theatre artists who are South Asian and Indigenous. The cast of four (4) includes include one (1) role for a South Asian female and 3 roles for Indigenous males.

PEG (working title)

Peg is a ten-year old South Asian girl in the trenches of a posh boarding school in London. Trying to survive is a daily battle against Three It Girls who cast terrible shadows over her world, from the time she gets up to the time she goes to sleep. After her beloved Grandmother dies, an unexpected parcel comes for her. Inside are three Canadian cast iron soldiers. They are so small and the shadows of the Three It Girls are getting so big. In despair, she throws them against the floor and the three small figurines come to life as the Three Indigenous Snipers from World War I just in time to wage an epic battle.  Written by Marie Clements, directed by Sherry Yoon. The show will be 50 minutes in length.

PEG is a commission by Vancouver International Children’s Festival for celebrated writer, Marie Clements, to write a play highlighting the intersection of Canada’s indigenous people and the United Kingdom. The Vancouver International Children’s Festival, in association with Red Diva Projects and Boca del Lupo, is producing this new, main-stage TYA performance.

Director: Sherry Yoon
Contact name: Jay Dodge
Contact email:
Contact phone: 604.818.8250

Deadline to submit: April 20th, 2018

Please submit a resume and headshot to Boca del Lupo, c/o Michelle Knealle:


1-day script workshop in early July, dates TBC.

1 week of development in October 22 – 28th, 2018. Specific calls TBC.

1 week of development in February 4 – 10th, 2019. Specific calls TBC.

Rehearsal: 3 weeks May 7th – 25th, 2019

Performances:  May 28th preview 7pm, May 29 – 31st and June 1 -2 10:30am and 12:30pm (8 performances total over the 6 days.)

Possible additional week added June 4 – 9th


  1. PEG, age 10. British Pakistani. A new student at a private Girl’s school in London. Smart, pretty, and kind. Faced with odds she can’t seem to fight against.
  2. 3 Indigenous Canadian Soldiers who participated in WW1:

FRANCIS Age 21. Ojibway. The most decorated military sniper in the Canadian army in World War I. An expert sniper, marksman, and scout. A leader and activist in life, and a leader of the Iron Soldiers.

HENRY Age 20, Metis. French/Cree. A highly decorated famous sniper from World War I. An ex-rodeo performer. Deadly but with a kind heart.

GEORGE Age 18, Interior BC Salish. Another highly decorated sniper from World War I. An ex-rancher. A skinny guy with a strong instinct.

Double cast: 

  1. TEACHER, CHAIRS, AND DEAN HALL AND MS. FREED. THE THREE IT GIRLS, three bigger than life bullies. Students at the same private school.
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