CODA 2.0

Boca del Lupo, the Vancouver Club, and the Vancouver Meta Music Society Presents

CODA 2.0: The Renovators

Can we paint with code? Is software as expressive as the paintbrush? Do we wrestle with technology or play with it? Or are we its playthings?

In answer, Coda 2.0 is the 4th in a series of Live Coding performances, which pairs electronic musicians with live coders to improvise an audio-visual experience of synchronous light, colour and sound.

On Wednesday, August 15 2018, the Vancouver Club Blue Room will turn a difference shade. The Renovators will decorate, casting a different hue and animate the day, afternoon & evening in three modes.

8:00am The Painters Arrive

Core the concept of Coda, is the demystification of technological works. During the process the workers will show their work, cables will not hidden. Throughout the day the artists will prepare, installing devices readying the Blue Room for the evening’s spectacle.

6:00pm The Work is Performed

The performers of Coda present “a snake eating its tail as music is interpreted through code as light, which is interpreted as sound through skillful improvisation. The live running code is presented as art. Coda features performers from local improvised electronic music ensembles as well as Vancouver creative technology professionals, brought together by Brady Ciel Marks and Boca del Lupo Theatre, with Technology Direction by Carey Dodge.

8:00pm The Lines Blur

Post performance, the guise of performer & audience, work & play, and stage & screen 😉 will be dropped and the Blue Room will be transformed into a green room where the work can be literally, and conceptually disassembled. In a relaxing atmosphere over refreshments the performers will entertain questions and finally disappear in the crowd.

Image: Found Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Incomplete Oil Painting, 1854–55, 1859–81 (Image: Public Domain)

Where: The Vancouver Club, Blue Room
When: August 15, 2018 6pm
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