Media Lab


MediaLab is Boca del Lupo’s tech savvy consulting and gear sharing social enterprise.

With its origin in our own interest in the intersection of technology and performance, MediaLab has become a hub of the sharing economy in the cultural community. With an inventory of Boca del Lupo’s own gear combined with the equipment at PL1422, Electric Company Theatre and a growing number of individual artists and designers, MediaLab provides affordable access to high tech equipment and expertise to the cultural community.

From PuSh and Theatre Replacement through to the Vancouver Art Gallery and Bard on the Beach, MediaLab serves a broad swath of the community with everything from straight rentals to full on technology solutions and project support.

Contact Us

For a quote, consultation or rental information:   email ~  phone ~ 604 684 2622

Rental Equipment list

Below is a list of our commonly rented equipment. We also have other equipment available. Please contact to ask about other gear that may be available as often new equipment becomes available through our gear sharing partners.

We have an assortment of projectors available. Most commonly rented are:

  • NEC PA500U w 13zl lens – throw ratio 1.49:1 to 2.97:1
  • Canon LV-8235 UST – throw ratio 0.19:1
  • universal mounts and pipe

We have an assortment of video equipment available including:

  • Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k
  • Blackmagic ATEM
  • GoPro cameras
  • Canon DSLR 60D
  • lots of BNC/SDI cable
  • Matrox triplehead2go
  • HDMI extender kits
  • assortment of screens and scrims including green screen


  • QSC k8 speakers with stands
  • QSC ksub
  • a few mics and cable


  • Macbook pro (Late 2013). Millumin software installed. Can support 4 HD video outputs
  • iMac (2009) with SDD.
  • assortment of ‘antique’ Mac computers

Small assortment of older lighting equipment including:

  • Leprecon 612 lighting console
  • small Altman leko-style fixtures – 300 watt
  • small american dj LED pars


  • overhead projectors
  • slide projectors
  • pipe and clamps
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