Performance Works

Originally a machine shop dating back to the 1920’s, the Barbara Dalrymple-designed Performance Works opened on Granville Island in 1992 with a mandate to provide the arts community with a permanent rehearsal and performance venue. Owned by CMHC-Granville Island, Performance Works is now a multifunctional, flexible black box theatre space booked year round with some of Vancouver’s most exciting performance events and productions.

In summer 2018, the Granville Island Theatre District Society, cofounded by Boca del Lupo and Carousel Theatre for Young People, became the managers of Performance Works, a unique, versatile performance venue on Granville Island. In fall 2018, Boca del Lupo is conducting its first-ever Performance Works Intake.

The goal is to allow performing artists working in all forms to obtain access to Performance Works, replacing the existing ‘first come, first served’ policy with a transparent adjudication process. This reflects Boca del Lupo’s mission, vision and purpose for managing the venue by advancing these priorities:

  • To support new work; production, presentation, and creation of new Canadian and international performances
  • To support projects by and for people of colour, mixed race and indigenous heritage while seeking a representative balance from across the spectrum of gender, ability and class
  • To support work that is new and innovative in form; beyond traditional or conventional formal boundaries, taking risks and experimenting

Not all applications must necessarily exhibit all three or even one of these priority features to be considered; however, applications that share in any of these priorities are strongly encouraged.

Between September 2019 and June 2020, there are approximately 10 time blocks of 2 to 4 weeks for which Performance Works is available to rent for the purpose of staging performances. The weekly venue rental rate for a registered non-profit society is $1900 plus technical and front of house costs depending on project details (reduced rates may be available to emerging artists; please consult prior to applying if you believe this may apply to your project). This represents a rollback to 2016 rental pricing; further, front of house staff costs are now unbundled from the weekly fee, so you only must book front of house staff for the hours they are needed (billed at $21/hr.). One tech is required on site for all hours you have access to the space (billed at $31/hr.).

Applications will be adjudicated by Boca del Lupo senior staff in terms of their artistic merit and overall suitability. Applications for Performance Works rentals will also be evaluated in consultation with the Granville Island Theatre District and CMHC Granville Island. In addition to the values described above, Boca del Lupo will prefer applications that advance the creation and nurturance of cultural community. The intake process is not intended to be onerous or exclusive, but to open a real opportunity for access to Performance Works by that cultural community.

Applications to both streams are due by midnight, Pacific time, on November 12, 2018. To find the application form, or for more information about Boca del Lupo, or to make inquiries about either intake stream, artists should contact Communications Associate Jeremy Stewart via or 604.684.2622. Boca del Lupo thanks all applicants in advance for their interest. We look forward to receiving your applications!


For the complete Performance Works Intake application instructions and program description, download this pdf file.

To apply for the Performance Works Intake online, use this Performance Works Application Link

If you have any trouble signing in to the online application form, please download the Performance Works Application Form here, and then fill, scan, and send to

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