Red Phone

Red Phone on tour to the High Performance Rodeo and beyond in 2018

A conversation you won’t soon forget.

By Boca del Lupo
Concept by Sherry J Yoon
Designed by Jay Dodge
Technology by Carey Dodge
With scripts by Marcus Youssef and Leanna Brodie

We are asking Canadian playwrights and screenwriters the question: what is the most urgent conversation you think everyone should be having?

Then, we’re asking them to write it. And, asking you to have it.

Red Phone is an audience-to-audience experience utilizing the intimacy of a phone call and the technology of a teleprompter to connect strangers. Join us for a one of a kind performance where you can engage in some of the most urgent, touching and uplifting conversations that prominent Canadian writers think we all should be having.

DATES: Wed April 8 – Sun April 12

VENUE: The Anderson Street Space (1405 Anderson Street, Granville Island)

Wed April 8 (5pm to 8 30pm)
Thur April 9 (5pm to 8 30pm)
Fri April 10 (4pm to 8 30pm)
Sat April 11 (12pm to 6 30pm)
Sun April 12 (12pm to 6 30pm)

SHOW DURATION: 10 minutes.  As only two audience members are allowed at a time, please note you may expect a wait for your turn. You will be contacted by email about your time slot.

TICKETS: $5. Very Limited seating! Purchase your tickets here.

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