REVIVE: A CODA guest presentation

Boca del Lupo presents

REVIVE: A CODA Guest Presentation 

November 30, 2019 8pm

Performance Works

Tickets: $20 General Admission, $15 Student/Senior/Artist. To purchase, please scroll down.

Can artificial intelligence be creative? Or is it a series of biased algorithms? What does it mean to automatize artistic work?

See an artificial intelligence (MASOM) revive the music of electroacoustic composers past alongside live artists Kivanç Tatar, Remy Siu, and Philippe Pasquier with realtime software-generated visuals. We’ll round out the evening with sets of AI-themed electroacoustic music from DJ Furious Green Cloud!

The evening is a reflection on automatization, in which the artists explore the merits and biases of AI algorithms to come up with new aesthetics realized by machines trained on the corpus (or bodies) of iconic artists’ works.

REVIVE’s aesthetics span experimental electronic music styles including acousmatic music, soundscapes, glitch, intelligent dance music (IDM), and noise music. The project features two human performers, and MASOM, which is a musical agent, an artificial intelligence (AI) architecture for live performance. For each sonic performer in REVIVE, a corresponding visual agent puts sonic gestures and textures into live generative imagery. Both MASOM and the visual agents use a machine listening algorithm to exhibit reactive behaviours to what the performers are doing. The visuals are revealing the musical gestures that are so often lost in electronic music performance.

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The CODA Series is generously supported by CMHC Granville Island, Canada Council for the Arts, The Department of Canadian Heritage, BC Arts Council, Province of British Columbia, and the City of Vancouver.

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