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Technology Director Carey Dodge says "it's always a blast working with Shiz and Carol!" These folks were installing festive decor in the Granville Island Net Loft after hours Wednesday night.

Getting set up for CODA 2.0 tomorrow! See you there!


Congratulations to Scheherazaad Cooper and Chengxin Wei on their collaboration, Breathe Water, from which a beautiful excerpt in development was shown in our Space Residency Program! Boca del Lupo is proud to be a part of this work's development. Photo by Farah Nosh #BocaResi

CODA 2.0 this Friday! Featuring Leó Stefánsson and Scant Intone, Hitori Tori and Yasushi Harada, and host Brady Marks--here's Scant Intone (photo by Evan Buggle/Discorder):

tickets via Eventbrite:

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