Suspended :: Modular Life on Display

Indulge your inner voyeur during this investigation into the comically mundane and profoundly private moments of three urban dwellers as they go about their lives.  Inspired by the intimacies on display behind glass walls in the condominiums of Vancouver’s West End and the wide spread yet unspoken pastime of many residents who unknowingly watch each other with everything from telescopes and binoculars to the naked eye.


  1. Suspended is a three-hour installation during which you can come and go as you please.
  1. Feel free to stare, use binoculars, telescopes or other ocular aids.
  1. Do not expect to hear what the residents are saying; they are in the building across the street.
  1. Do engage your imaginations and gossip with your friends about what you think is going on.
  1. Please respect the building residents and remember they don’t know that you are watching.
  1. If you take pictures please send them to us and we’ll pick the best for our website:

created by director Sherry J Yoon and designer Jay Dodge

in collaboration with performers Kelly Metzger, Jeff Gladstone and Georgina Beaty, lighting designer and technical director John Popkin, costumes Francesca Granzini, assistant to the director Miriam Westland, and general manager Hilary Davis

© Copyright Boca Del Lupo 2016. All Rights Reserved