What if the habitual patterns running through our minds are a kind of script, a software we perform over and over? What if we could rewrite that software—would it be time for an upgrade?

In her book Software for People, composer Pauline Oliveros describes “sonic mediations” along these lines. Coda 2.0 confronts our user illusion, challenging coders and audience to upgrade their wetware to a higher version of themselves. Defragment your breath, empty your recycling bin, clean your mind palace, learn to fly.

Presented by Boca del Lupo, Coda 2.0 expands, presenting an intense, immersive sensory and community experience with audio & visual collaborative works, hosted by Brady Marks (DJ Furiousgreencloud)

The Coda series continues to demystify technology and art practices by presenting works which pair live software manipulation (coding) with improvised sonic or visual art performance in an open process, including:

  • Live Coding
  • Improvised Live Electronic Music
  • Spatialized Audio Diffusion
  • VJ Performance
  • Generative Audio & Video
  • Deep Listening

We show our working; we don’t hide the wires; we invite you in!

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