The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces

In place of the usual project description we offer this letter we received from an audience member:

To:  The Sponsors, Producers, Director(s), Cast and Crew of “The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces”

I have decided that the rarest and most cherished commodity in my adult life is to be pleasantly surprised.  And so, though it has been weeks since the evening we spent with Boca del Lupo in Stanley Park, I write to offer my thanks and my praise for what was one of the most memorable evenings of the summer.  I mean, really, the idea that 100 people would willingly suspend their disbelief and run with you through the forest to unravel a mystery that solves itself in the title of the play?  Frankly, the more the script called attention to itself and the ridiculousness of our co-operation in this enterprise, the more I bought in.  My family (including construction worker husband [read: not a theatre buff], 9 and 11-year old children, and even my world-weary mother in-law from New York) were equally charmed by this production.

While this note is, in some measure, meant to urge the creators and co-conspirators in this project to please carry on with your fantastic work, I know you will no matter what I say.  So what I really hope is that you will also pass along my note to the sponsors of this event as an inducement to continuing their support of the Boca del Lupo productions in Stanley Park.  This is a wonderful gift to the city and a superb example of how thoughtful sponsorship can play a major role in developing and advancing the artistic, intellectual and cultural life of Vancouver.

Again, my thanks and praise to all of you.  See you next year!

Best wishes,


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