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You just missed You Are It!

You Are It is worth getting to know.” – Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

March 30 – April 2, 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to see You Are It last week! We are so grateful for the participation and support we received from our audiences. Thank you for helping to shape this new and exciting work!

In this installment in Boca del Lupo’s current Micro Performance Series, two women come together and explore what it means to develop a friendship, exposing the drama and comedy inherent in all our relationships in their attempts to draw conclusions. You Are It was directed by our very own Sherry J Yoon, and co-created by Sherry and Deb Williams.

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Now in development: Expedition

Expedition: 1. a heroic journey of exploration into the unknown;  2. a rushing of regular process, often to remedy an oversight or wrong.

Imagined by Boca del Lupo and Dublin’s Performance Corporation

This international, interdisciplinary collaboration explores the global challenge of climate change. It asks artists and audiences to become ‘future historians’, by placing the scene 100 years in the future, with the participants trying to make sense of today’s mistakes with the luxury of a century of hindsight.

June 2016: part of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in Whitehorse
Summer 2016: presentation in Vancouver as part of our Micro Performance Series!

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