About Boca del Lupo

Led by Artistic Director Sherry J. Yoon and Artistic Producer Jay Dodge, Yoon is a co-creator and director of the company’s original productions and Dodge’s writing, performances and designs are central in Boca del Lupo’s shows. During the tenure of the pair, the company has received numerous awards including Jessies for Outstanding Design, Outstanding Production, Significant Artistic Achievement and Outstanding Performance; the Critic’s Choice Award for Innovation; and the Alcan Performing Arts Award.

Boca del Lupo’s mission is to create and present extraordinary performances in unconventional spaces.  The company consciously collaborates with artists diverse in culture and practice, and seeks to engage intergenerational audiences in the Metro Vancouver area. We believe in providing equal opportunities to a diversity of artists and individuals in both emerging and leadership positions. We are devoted to accessibility and we work to broaden the participation, perception and importance of contemporary performance within the multiplicity of Canadian cultures.

For Boca del Lupo, collaboration is the core tenet of our creativity. Working across cultures and disciplines our productions are energized by the collision and confluence of difference. Since our inception in 1996, our artistic focus has been one that explores cultural hybridity and interdisciplinary through consciously convening artists from diverse backgrounds and giving them voice within the work through our established processes. We also have a well-established track record in touring, a strong level of engagement with our professional arts services organizations and meaningful outreach into the community.  We proudly take our place as a theatre company that relentlessly expands creative possibilities through unprecedented innovations and partnerships with a repertoire that includes 50 original creations and unique presentations which now includes our Presentation Series and our social enterprise, MediaLab.

Past Productions

2020: Broken Tailbone, CODA, DBLSPK, Red Phone (tour), Plays2Perform@Home

2019: Iron Peggy, Red Phone (tour)One Thing Leads to Another, Envision, CODA, DBLSPK

2018: Niall and Marcus Talk About Sh!t Niall Likes, CODA, DBLSPK, Acoustic Territories

2017: Big Bad, These Are The Songs That I Sing When I’m Sad, Genetic Drift, Crawlspace, You are It

2016: You Are It, Expedition (Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Vancouver Production), Red Phone (tour), Expedition: The Symposium and Apparition

2015: How To Be, Red Phone, I think I can, Landline, Expedition (Dublin Theatre Festival), Taste of Empire

2014: Fugue Fugue, AZANO, Through the Gaze…, Taste of Empire, All Good Things

2013: Icebook, Performance Art Trap, Ask a Teenager, Fall Away Home

2012: Photog. (PuSh), Guided Tour, Mixed Company, Nekaa Room, The Voyage, Little Iliad, Holly’s Dumpster, Obstructions

2011: Photog (FTA), La Marea, Tracing Traces, Whale

2010: Photog. (World Stage) Dance Marathon, Value Village, Capsule, The Interview (HIVE3)

2009: Sleeping Soldiers

2008: My Dad, My Dog, One Down (HIVE2)

2007: Suspended, Quasimodo or The Bell Ringer of Our Lady of Paree

2006: Holly’s Dumpster (HIVE), The Shoes That Were Danced To Pieces, House of Sleeping Beauties, The Perfectionist

2005: Vasily the Luckless, The Suicide

2004: The Suicide

2003: Lagoon of Lost Tales, The Beginners

2002: The Last Stand, Hold Your Head Tight

2001: Inside, Last Office

2000: Charge of the Moon, Pearly Mama

1999: Circadia

1998: Terminal, Real Flowers

1997:  Drained

Boca del Lupo has a foundation in theatre but has evolved into a multi-disciplinary company often partnering with artists and organization that are beyond the conventional boundaries of our form and our sector.

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