DBLSPK: Himmat by Gavan Cheema

Boca del Lupo and rice & beans theatre proudly present

DBLSPK: Himmat by Gavan Cheema

Tuesday, November 5th 7:30pm

@The Fishbowl 100, 1398 Cartwright St

Tickets: $10.00, scroll down to purchase.

DBLSPK is a quarterly reading series where we present and discuss works that traverse linguistic boundaries. We dive into what is gained and lost when we navigate through different languages and cultures in our lives and art.

The November edition features Gavan Cheema’s Himmat, translated by Paneet Singh; this play in progress utilizes both Punjabi and English to tell a father-daughter story about redemption and love. It’s a story that humanizes a working class immigrant father in an attempt to shed light on many of the topics Punjabi families keep in the dark. Himmat explores the complexity of family history and the impending doom of human mortality.  Read by Gavan Cheema and Munish Sharma, directed and translated by Paneet Singh, and discussion moderated by Pedro Chamale of rice & beans theatre.

DBLSPK Series is generously supported by CMHC Granville Island, Canada Council for the Arts, The Department of Canadian Heritage, BC Arts Council, BC Gaming, Province of British Columbia, and the City of Vancouver.

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