Red and Woodsman 2
Red and Woodsman 2


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Mailing Address:
1405 Anderson St
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3R9


Phone: 604.684.BOCA (2622)


Sherry J Yoon, Artistic Director | sjyoon [at]
Jay Dodge, Artistic Producer | jay [at]
Carey Dodge, Technology Director | td [at]
Michelle Kneale, Artistic Associate | associate [at]
Gavan Cheema, 3.7% Coordinator 3.7 [at]
Amy Lynn Strilchuk, Communications
Valerie Thai, Graphic Design
Olivia Poon, Business Manager


Boca del Lupo’s dynamic and committed board of directors are a huge part of the company’s success:

CHAIR | Carmen Stossel
PAST CHAIR | Miriam Aiken
VICE CHAIR | Lars Meyer
TREASURER | Katherine Bruno
AT LARGE | Sandra Chamberlain-Snider & Brian Edwards
FOUNDING CHAIR | Scott Elliott

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