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Led by Jay Dodge and Sherry J Yoon, Boca works with a broad spectrum of artists and organizations when creating our productions. As one of Vancouver’s most innovative and dynamic theatre companies, Boca del Lupo specializes in experimental theatrical productions and spectacular outdoor presentations while focusing on collaborations with international, national and regional artists.

Yoon has been a key creator and/or director for each of the company’s original productions and Dodge’s writing, performance and designs have been central in all of Boca del Lupo’s shows. During the pair’s tenure, the company has received numerous awards including Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards for Outstanding Design, Outstanding Production, Significant Artistic Achievement, Outstanding Performance, along with the Critic’s Choice Award for Innovation and the Alcan Performing Arts Award.

Boca del Lupo has a long history of investing in the creation, production and presentation of new work, big and small. PL1422 and The Anderson Street Space are a compliment of spaces that offer the best in performance technology.


progress lab 1422 crop_0PL1422 is a joint production and administration centre at 1422 William Street. Boca del Lupo calls it home along with Neworld Theatre, The Electric Company Theatre and Rumble Productions.

Boca del Lupo, under the leadership of Jay Dodge, designed and managed all three phases of renovations. The first phase focused on structural changes to the building including an addition of approximately 2,000 square feet, seismic upgrades, and the installation of the multipurpose sprung studio floor. The second phase included working with Great Northern Way Scene Shop to create storage, erect a grid of both truss and pipe and begin the acquisition of specialized equipment including significant in-kind donations of sound and lighting gear procured by technology director, Carey Dodge. With the third phase, we now have additional specialized equipment and the creation of a permanent booth area, a Marley dance floor and functional shop area including various health and safety upgrades.These latest additions put Progress Lab 1422 firmly on the map as one of the best rehearsal/creation spaces in Canada.

The facility’s impact on the community is already immense as evidenced by productions like the Electric Company’s “Tear the Curtain,” Neworld/Leaky Heaven’s “Peter Panties,” Rumble/Pi’s “After the Quake,” Touchstone/November’s “Hardcore Logo Live,” and Boca del Lupo’s own “PHOTOG.” and “La Marea.” It is undeniable that this state of the art, dedicated facility has increased the community’s artistic capacity along with the many other significant, albeit less tangible, benefits that come from casual daily connections fostered in this distinctive shared environment.


TASSThe Anderson Street Space is Boca del Lupo’s initiative to create Canada’s premiere setting for intimate performance.

There were two phases of renovations that happened over 2010. First we installed a sprung floor, pipe grid, black drape, painting, seating, as well as upgrading the shared kitchen in the 1405 Anderson Street building. Thanks to a contribution from Canadian Heritage, the second phase focused on the purchase of specialized equipment. The Anderson Street Space is now fully equipped with some of the latest performance technology.

The space is leased through the Granville Island CMHC in a building shared with Axis Theatre and the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance who make regular use of the space.

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