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That’s a wrap for You Are It!

“The show felt very honest. Very truthful. It was remarkable!” – Audience Member

Thank you to everyone who came out to see You Are It last week! We are so grateful for the participation and support we received from our audiences. Thank you for helping to shape this new and exciting work!

In this installment in Boca del Lupo’s current Micro Performance Series, two women come together and explore what it means to develop a friendship, exposing the drama and comedy inherent in all our relationships in their attempts to draw conclusions. You Are It was directed by our very own Sherry J Yoon, and co-created by Sherry and Deb Williams.

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Applications closed for The 3.7% Initiative 

Thank you to everyone for your interest!

Named for the low percentage of key creative roles in Canadian theatre held by ethnically and culturally diverse women (including those of aboriginal or mixed racial heritage), this initiative supports women who have a strong desire to change that statistic by taking their performing arts career into their own hands.

Members of The 3.7% will benefit from peer-to-peer support and free programming such as workshops, local and national guest speakers, open discussions and cultural activities.

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