My Dad, My Dog

Animation, miniatures, watercolour, live performance and music converge, converse and speculate on what life might be like behind the last scrap of the iron curtain.  My Dad, My Dog is a hilarious and beautifully honest account of a North Korean woman (Sherry J. Yoon) who is convinced that her father has returned to her reincarnated as a dog.  Through her encounters with a man who loves pigeons (James Fagan Tait) and a young filmmaker obsessed with monster movies (Billy Marchenski) we discover how much animals teach us about our own humanity.

A commission of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, My Dad, My Dog is a co-creation between Sherry J. Yoon and Jay Dodge of Boca del Lupo and Yukon-based animation artist Jay White. This team creates a delightfully simple world where fantasy so seamlessly transgresses reality that you will leave the theatre second guessing your own shadow.

Premiered at PuSh and toured to the Yukon Arts Centre, the Metro Theatre in Victoria.

Created by: Sherry J. Yoon, Jay Dodge and Jay White

Director Jay Dodge, Animation Jay White, Music Alicia Hansen, Performers Alicia Hansen, Billy Marchenski, James Fagan Tait, Jay White and Sherry J. Yoon, Costumes Reva Quam, Costumes Assistant Krista Sung, Lights Jeff Harrison & Jay Dodge, Scenography Jay Dodge, Stage Manager Samara Van Nostrand, Assistant Stage Manager David Warburton, Associate Producer Sarah May Redmond, General Manager Hilary Davis


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