With the generous support of the Vancouver Opera and the Squamish Nation, BOCA DEL LUPO presents



To celebrate its 10th anniversary season, Boca del Lupo produced its fifth free, outdoor, all-ages roving spectacular in 2008. With the generous support of the Vancouver Opera, the Squamish Nation and a multi-talented cast and crew, Boca del Lupo delighted thousands with an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris set amongst the high foundational arches that support the Burrard Street Bridge.  Set in amongst burned out cars and old plastic, the production reflected more a Paris during the race riots of 2006 than the era of Hugo’s novel but the themes of discrimination and abuse of power sing through and highlight how in many ways, so little has changed.

Playwright James Fagan Tait, artistic producer Jay Dodge, composer Patrick Pennefather, and artistic director Sherry J. Yoon make up the core artistic team on this production and the amazing cast includes: Billy Marchenski, Gemma Issac, Shane Snow, Sarah May Redmond, Dawn Petten, Sarah Donald, Brian Sutton, Victor Mariano, Patrick Pennefather and Jay Dodge, with costume design by Reva Quam, additional choreographic elements by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, stage management by Dorothy Jenkins, assistant direction Rachel Peake, assistant to the director Hazel Venzon and general manager Hilary Davis.

Quasimodo also featured an association with the Vancouver Opera and with members Sheila Christie and Sandra Stringer of the Vancouver Opera chorus.

“It is so exciting to have the support of the Vancouver Opera on this production.  It’s an enormous leap of faith for them to work with a small company that specializes in new creation and it speaks volumes about their commitment to remaining a vital artistic force in our city.”                                                                                           Sherry J Yoon, Artistic Director

First published over 150 years ago, Hugo’s story is just as pertinent today.  With the recent Paris riots and the latest transgression of sanctuary to arrest an Iranian refugee from Vancouver’s own St. Michael’s Anglican Church, issues of immigration as they relate to civil rights and class are more relevant than ever.

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