The Perfectionist

THE PERFECTIONIST follows the deceptively simple lives of a man and a woman in their hilarious and heartbreaking attempts to hurdle their own impossibly high standards.  In this collaboration, mediums collide as the quirky imagery of Yukon animation artist Jay White, the evocative lighting of John Webber, the haunting compositions of Joelysa Pankanea, and the engaging performances of Sherry J Yoon, Jay Dodge and Steve Charles come together under the inventive direction of New York’s Jill A Samuels.

“One of the most important creative forces in the city.”

– The Georgia Straight

“Boca del Lupo is so consistently innovative that its members must sweat bullets trying to top themselves…”

– The Vancouver Sun

Creators/Performers:  Sherry J Yoon and Jay Dodge, Animation Artist:  Jay White, Composer/Musician:  Joelysa Pankanea, Musician:  Steve Charles, Lighting Designer:  John Webber and Guest Director:  Jill A Samuels

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