Boca del Lupo is thrilled to receive the 2021 Patrick O’Neill Award for Best Play Anthology awarded by the Canadian Association of Theatre Research.

Committee Members: Yasmine Kandil (Chair); Kim Solga; Yvette Nolan; Nikki Cesare Schotzko; Michelle Macarthur

“The Committee has unanimously decided to give the award this year to Boca del Lupo, an anthology of Plays2Perform@Home.  The Boca del Lupo play package is a time capsule of the present moment, not only capturing our society as it grapples with issues of race and identity, but the anthology is tailored to address the limitations of enacting and staging creative work during a pandemic.  It is made to be performed at home, with family or as you look over the fence of your backyard and read the roles out with a neighbour or two.  The collection of works is quirky, playful, creative and imaginative, which brilliantly crosses the line between theatre and play.  The contributions in this anthology are by a diverse group of playwrights, who offer a smart play on characters and unusual situations, some weaving in race relations in a clever but not too obvious way.  The topics explored are carefully shaped and framed, where each piece can be seen as an object, as well as a play, as well as a game, all created to address our moment of crisis.”



Plays2Perform@Home is a script “Box Set” that can be ordered online and delivered to your home (mail order theatre) or picked up from The Fishbowl on Granville Island.

The moment that venues started to close around the world, Boca del Lupo Artistic Director Sherry Yoon, and Artistic Producer Jay Dodge started asking themselves; “What is the essence of theatre?”  “How can we keep the ember burning for those who love performance as much as we do?” We’ve all been watching as productions go online and performances carry on through platforms such as Zoom. However, when Sherry and Jay looked to answer the questions they posed to themselves, going digital didn’t quite satisfy:

“Theatre is live, theatre is communion, theatre is something to be experienced together, in the flesh.”

This led them to Plays2Perform@Home. #Plays2Perform asks the audience to take a leading role in creating a piece of theatre with the close friends and family they have chosen to be part of their “bubble”. These short plays are to be performed around the dinner table, picnic blanket, or campfire with or without an audience. Each Box Set contains 4 different plays with up to 4 characters, with an individual copy for each character for everyone to play their part. 

The Western Canada Box Set, featuring Governor General Award winner Hiro Kanagawa, Simonovitch Prize winner Tara Beagan, celebrated film and theatre writer Karen Hines and theatrical tour de force, Jovanni Sy, has nearly sold out and we are preparing for a second printing. – ORDER HERE – Our four NEW box sets feature a collection of writers that are just as exciting!

Plays2Perform@Home goes national!

Prairie Box (in partnership with Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg)
Featuring playwrights: Joseph Aragon, Yvette Nolan, Debbie Patterson and Curtis Peeteetuce

Ontario Box (in partnership with Factory Theatre, Toronto)
Featuring playwrights: Jeff Ho, Aaron Jan, Marina Moreira and Rachel Mutombo

Quebec Box (In partnership with Centaur Theatre, Montreal)
Featuring playwrights: Marie Barlizo, Michaela Di Cesare, Gabe Maharjan and Adjani Poirier

Eastern Box (In partnership with Theatre New Brunswick, Fredericton and Eastern Front Theatre, Halifax)
Featuring playwrights: Marc-André Charron, Mary-Colin Chisholm, Jena Elizabeth McLean and Santiago Guzmán

The partners involved in this project are no less extraordinary, each have long histories of creating impactful theatre within their communities. These national partnerships are an extension of our collective desire to connect. With a total of 5 box sets representing regions from the east coast to the west, Plays2Perform@Home will continue to inspire theatre lovers across the country, especially for those craving the imaginative stimulation that only live theatre can provide.

Working with Valerie Thai, the award-winning head designer and art director of Adbusters for five years running, each collection of #Plays2Perform are packaged up in a boutique box set and delivered to your home.

Whether as a gift for loved ones, something fun and meaningful to do with friends and family in your bubble or for a peek inside the minds of 20 amazing writers making work during these remarkable times, our hope is that Plays2Perform@Home will help those of us with a passion for live performance keep the spark alive.

The Box Sets will be available for purchase ONLINE starting June 22, 2021 or in person starting July 8, 2021 at Boca del Lupo’s store front at The Fishbowl on Granville Island #100 – 1398 Cartwright St. Vancouver, B.C.

Pricing: $30 for each Box Set or all 5 Box Sets for $125 (plus taxes and shipping).

The Box Sets will be sold online at www.bocadellupo.com/plays2perform/ and in-person at Boca del Lupo’s storefront on Granville Island.

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