Gabriel Calderón

Gabriel Calderón is a playwright, actor and director. He has been active in Uruguayan theatre since 2001 when his first premiere, ‘Más vale solo’ was awarded Best Play. Since then, he has written more than twenty plays that have performed in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru), Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany and France) and the United States.

Calderón premiered and directed “Historia de un jabalí o algo de Ricardo” , at the Teatro de La Abadía in Madrid, a production of Temporada Alta 2020 and Grec 2020-Festival de Barcelona, which was called one of the best plays of 2020 by ‘La Vanguardia’.

He completed his training in Spain (Fundación Carolina, 2004) and England (International Residency at the Royal Court Theatre in London, 2009). He was a member of the Lincoln Center Theatre Directors Lab (New York) and artist-in-residence at the Théâtre des Quartiers d’Ivry (Paris) between 2011 and 2013.


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