Marianella Morena

Marianella Morena is a playwright, director, lecturer and columnist. Within the Uruguayan scene, she’s one of the artists with the highest international acclaim. Her work is programmed and shown in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, the United States, Spain, Germany, France, Paraguay, Chile and Mexico. She is involved in research in Uruguay, Argentina, North America, Italy, France and Cuba. Marianella works with classical plays around personal and political themes, in search of truthfulness. She exposes issues and uses the economic crisis to develop her own language, which she herself calls ‘the capitalisation of adversity’. Concerned with the current context and times, Marianella creates political projects in which she puts social, gender, and Latin American issues in the limelight. She has received awards and recognition from the Molière Prize, the Cultural Centre of Spain, the University of Buenos Aires, the Argentinian ACE Critics Awards, and the Uruguayan public broadcaster.


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