Nelson Valente

Director, playwright and theater teacher. Cultural Manager and Curator.

He is the founding artistic director of the venue and company Banfield Teatro Ensamble, one of the most exciting Argentinean independent theater companies that has emerged in the country in the past decade. He has worked as coordinator of the art program at Ezeiza prison in Buenos Aires.

Some of his most important texts are: “El loco y la camisa”, “El declive”, “Solo llamé para decirte que te amo”, “La Mujer que soy” and “Los perros”. Apart from directing his own plays, he has staged more than 60 pieces in the Americas and Europe, participating of festivals such as Hispano in Miami, Santiago a Mil in Chile, Iberoamericano de Cádiz and Internacional de Tarragona in Spain, Gulbenkian Próximo Futuro de Lisboa in Portugal, Sens Interdits de Lyon France and VIE de Modena in Italy. His texts have been premiered by local casts in Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay and Spain.


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