March 20-23, 2019


Boca del Lupo presents Envision, nine immersive micro excerpts of new contemporary work by Women of Colour, Multiracial, Indigenous and Metis artists. Envision is a showcase originating from the 3.7% Initiative, envisioning a new future of representation in performance, hosted by Boca del Lupo at Performance Works.

The showcase features performances of short excerpts from Possessed (lead artist: Diana Bang); ‘Da Kink in My Hair by Trey Anthony (lead artists Mariam Barry, Gavan Cheema); You Used to Call Me Marie (lead artist: Tai Grauman); Fireflies (lead artist: Kanon Hewitt; produced by Killjoy Theatre); We’ve Heard About This Thing Called Life (lead artist: Arggy Jenati); Otosan (lead artists: Shizuka Kai, Jess Amy Shead, Randi Edmundson); Nisei Mending Circle (lead artists: Carolyn Nakagawa, Laura Fukumoto); Lip Service (lead artists: Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Ashley Whitehead); and Akashi (lead artist: Mayumi Yoshida). Complete crediting and excerpt descriptions follow below.

Envision runs from March 20-22 (March 23 on hold), 2019 at Performance Works (1218 Cartwright Street, Vancouver). 8pm, nightly. Tickets are $3.7 for female and non-binary BIPOC performing artists and $20 for everyone else, except on March 20, which is a preview night, on which tickets are available on a Pay What You Can basis for everyone. Book tickets now at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/envision-tickets-56951116322.

Would you like to see the show for free? Please volunteer! We are looking for four volunteer ushers each night. MORE INFORMATION AND A SIGN UP FORM CAN BE FOUND HERE.


Diana Bang (Lead Artist) – Playwright, Actor; Dawn Milman – Director, Dramaturg; Moon Kyung Kim – Choreographer

Sarah Kim is a 34 year old Korean-Canadian woman spiralling from one disaster to another and her only way out is to dive into her psyche and become possessed.  She calls upon spirits, gods and ancestors to help guide her at this critical point in time.

‘Da Kink in My Hair by Trey Anthony

Mariam Barry (Lead Artist) – Producer, Performer; Gavan Cheema (Lead Artist) – Director; Kanon Hewitt – Sound Designer; Harika Xu – Co-Lighting Designer; Tory Ip – Co-Lighting Designer; Celia Aloma – Performer; Margaret Onedo – Performer; Sasha Monica – Performer; Kris Kuruneri – Performer

Novelette is a hairdresser with a special gift – she can read your secrets from your hair. Set in a vibrant Afro-Caribbean hair salon, she tends knowingly to each client. As women rush to their styling chair, each story untangles through laughter and tears. Produced at the NAC to critical acclaim, a Global television series, and a hit musical, ‘da Kink in My Hair is a Canadian classic.

Mariam Barry is the first artist to produce, and premiere, this significant work in Vancouver with Director Gavan Cheema as her creative collaborator.

You Used to Call Me Marie

Tai Grauman (Lead Artist) – Playwright, Performer; Kathleen Flaherty – Dramaturg; Gavan Cheema – Director

Iskwewo, Marie la Sekanasie, Marie Patenaude and Marie Callihoo.  This 10 minute excerpt explores the blood memories of Alberta’s Metis Maries.


Kanon Hewitt (Lead Artist) – Playwright; Killjoy Theatre – Producer; Manami Hara – Dramaturg; Amanda Parafina – Stage Manager; Rae Takei – Performer; Shanae Sodhi – Performer; Yoshié Bancroft – Performer

Japan in the year 2061 has embarked on a national fertility program to create soldiers for their new military. A nation-wide education overhaul drills “correct” history and anti-Korean, anti-Chinese sentiments into young minds. A mother-child rebel duo is kidnapped by the state, and they must face a soldier cadet and a fertility doctor if they are to reunite their family. An exploration of militarization, queer revolution, and choosing a new path from the one you were set on at birth.

We’ve Heard About This Thing Called Life

Arggy Jenati (Lead Artist) – Playwright, Performer; Claire Hesselgrave – Deviser; Kara Hornland – Choreographer

“I speak as long as I’m alive: fury, roar and revolt”

– For the Dream To Ride by Simin Behbahani

“The hate you see in my eyes,

Take it for safekeeping in your heart.

Of my worldly possessions this is your inheritance. Guard it well!”

 – Inheritance by Simin Behbehani

A poetic and physical exploration of one woman’s trauma and identity.


Shizuka Kai (Lead Artist) – Co-Creator, Puppet/Set Designer, Director; Randi Edmundson (Lead Artist) – Co-Creator, Puppet/Costume Designer, Producer; Jess Amy Shead (Lead Artist) – Co-Creator, Builder, Video Designer, Producer; Mariana Munoz – Stage Manager; Wendy Gorling –  Movement Coach

Little Shizu and her Otosan, an arctic wildlife videographer, have always struggled to communicate. When Shizu hides in his luggage to join him in the dangerous North, will they find a way to connect? Featuring table-top puppetry and real footage, this puppet-show-in-progress is based on creator Shizuka Kai’s life experiences with her father.

Co-creators Shizuka Kai, Randi Edmundson, and Jess Amy Shead bring a variety of expertise and interests to Otosan, from years of experience in production design, theatre for young audiences, and puppetry to a passion for exploring theatre for deaf and hard of hearing audiences. The multiple Jessie Richardson Award-winning team, along with Little Onion Puppet Co., is honoured to create this work on the unceded traditional territory of the Coast Salish people.

Nisei Mending Circle

Carolyn Nakagawa (Lead Artist); Laura Fukumoto (Lead Artist)

[From The New Canadian, 1940]: MEMBERS OF THE JAPANESE CANADIAN RED CROSS: The Empire needs you! Join us to-night at Muriel Kitagawa’s, 2751 Pender Street East, for a cosy night of knitting for a good cause, along with spirited discussion about what brings a community together – and keeps us together. Everyone is welcome!

Nisei Mending Circle is a companion piece to Carolyn Nakagawa’s full-length work-in-progress, The New Canadians.

Lip Service

Created by Pulsive Party: Ashley Whitehead (Lead Artist) and Natalie Tin Yin Gan (Lead Artist); Produced by Ashley Whitehead; David MacMurray Smith – Dramaturgy, Mentorship

Ever wonder what your vulva alter-ego might do if given the spotlight? Lip Service is a performance of two larger-than-life vulvas navigating their relationships to service, self-acceptance, and sexual empowerment within a hilarious world of competition and ‘doing it all’. 

Pulsive Party is Ashley Whitehead and Natalie Tin Yin Gan. The two have been creating together since 2012. The they use their best friend humour, extensive dance backgrounds, differing aesthetics, and creative chemistry to create work that engages social and political issues in process and in product. Pulsive Party focuses on reclaiming a positive relationship to their bodies and creativity by practicing physical/intellectual agency in non-hierarchical spaces.


Mayumi Yoshida (Lead Artist) – Playwright, Performer; June Fukumura – Understudy; Yayoi Hirano – Performer; Shila Amin – Stage Manager

Built around the revelation that playwright Mayumi Yoshida’s beloved grandparents had an arranged marriage, and that her grandfather was in love with another woman all his life. An “international citizen’s” charming look at what it means to negotiate love on either end of the world. The SHOULDs, WOULDs and COULDs about choice…and the grace of accepting when there isn’t one.

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