LP360: Archive Program

intersecting live performance and immersive technology

In collaboration with our LivePerformance360 Presentation Series, we also offer archival recordings of live theatre, dance, and performance pieces with immersive technology.

LivePerformance360 is a VR/XR project by Boca del Lupo. The presentation series is curated by Co-Artistic Director, Sherry J Yoon, and launched in 2022.

LivePerformance360 also has industry facing components that involves seeking out productions of academic interest, have the possibility of future production, and touring interest from national and international presenters.

Using a suite of specialized cameras, we create an archival recording from the perspective of the audience. Able to capture a live show while taking up minimal audience space, we can re-create an audio-visual experience that when viewed inside a VR headset, is a remarkable archive of the work, second only to being there live. We don’t imagine VR replacing live performance, however we do predict it will become an invaluable tool for academic study, remounting productions, and for presenters/touring companies looking to move their work around the world.

We have created archival recordings of Vancouver-based productions and beyond, including:

  • The Five Vengeances by Jovanni Sy, presented by Affair of Honor at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
  • Redbone Coonhound by Amy Lee Lavoie and Omari Newton, An Arts Club Silver Commission as part of a Rolling World Premiere with Tarragon Theatre (Toronto) and Imago Theatre (Montreal) at the Newmont Stage
  • Yaga by Kat Sandler, presented by Touchstone Theatre at the Cultch Historic Theatre
  • Throe co-choreographed by Gabrielle Martin & Jeremiah Hughes, presented by Corporeal Imago at the Scotiabank Dance Centre
  • Courage Now by Manami Hara, presented by Firehall Arts Centre and Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre at the Firehall Arts Centre
  • Digital Folk by James Gnam and Natalie Purschwitz, presented by Plastic Orchid Factory at Left of Main
  • Momentum of Isolation by Shay Kubler, presented by Radical System Art at the Timms Centre
  • Forgiveness by Mark Sakamoto, stage adaptation by Hiro Kanagawa, An Arts Club Silver Commission and joint production with Theatre Calgary at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage

Boca del Lupo’s LP360 Archive program is funded by the Government of Canada.

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