Pedal Power
Pedal Power

Net Zero


Starting July 8th @ The Fishbowl on Granville Island

Boca del Lupo’s Net Zero project invites you, our community, to visit us on Granville Island and engage in a discussion with us about our big questions and for you to bring yours. We can talk to you about hopeful solutions for the world’s big problems, and you can help us charge our Big Battery; our interactive installation and first real-world attempt to drive the technology of our space with the pedal power of our community. 

A continuation of our Expedition project, the centrepiece of Boca del Lupo’s Net Zero installation this summer is a real world experiment we are calling the Climate Change Penance Project. This project is designed to harness all that guilt you are feeling about climate change, and drive it into finding hopeful and practical solutions, in a fun and tongue in cheek way.  It involves two Spin Bikes that we have retrofitted to include a dynamo generator and some custom electronic sensors. The dynamo charges the battery that runs all our technical gear at Boca del Lupo’s space.  The sensors are connected to a piece of software on an iPad that we have developed to help you assess and then work off your “climate guilt.”

Come on down to Boca del Lupo on Granville Island at the Fishbowl. There, one of our Climate Guilt Coaches will help you translate your guilt into quantifiable Climate Guilt Units that you can melt away on our spin bike that’s charging our studio’s batteries. If generating power isn’t enough, we’ve commandeered the difficulty lever on the bike and turned it into a Martyrdom Knob. This won’t help generate any more power, but it will make it harder on you and contribute to reducing your Climate Guilt Units at a faster rate.

But in the end, it’s all about a conversation, with Net Zero we are asking ourselves “What can we do as an organization, as a theatre company, to do better for our planet?” “What actions, large or small, can we take to reduce our companies carbon footprint?” We are talking everything from cleaning out our Ziplock bags to beehives on roof tops. We are thinking renewable energy to drive our technology. We are reconsidering what it means to tour artistic works in a digitally connected world. And we are asking you to come on down to Granville Island and take part in that conversation with us.

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