by Kimira Reddy

A free installation at Ocean Artworks Pavilion in July 2024

Drift is part of the Micro Performance Series, Copresented by Indian Summer Arts Festival.

Embark on a transcendent journey with ‘Drift,’ an awe-inspiring installation by celebrated artist Kimira Reddy. It offers attendees an immersive exploration of life’s profound paradoxes—growth and decay, permanence and transience, the everlasting and the ephemeral.

“Drift” presents a breathtaking visual tableau—a canopy of vibrant fabrics flowing through driftwood, suspended ethereally above. This captivating arrangement invites you to gaze upward and lose yourself in contemplation of the complex roots of existence, creating a space for introspection and wonder.

Drift is open on Weekdays from 11am-6pm, and Weekends from 1pm-8pm, from July 6 – 14.

Creative Team

Kimira is an accomplished Artist, award-winning Set Designer and Creative Director who channels her artistic prowess on the unceded Coast Salish Territories. She also serves as the Communications Director of Raven Spirit Dance. Kimira’s portfolio is a mosaic of immersive extended reality experiences, exhibition/set designs, and art installations. Originally from sunny South Africa, she holds an MFA in Design from UBC. Collaborations with UBC, Vancouver Opera, Canada Wild Arts Society, Indian Summer Festival, Zee Zee Theatre, and other esteemed partners have all contributed to the rich tapestry of her creative odyssey. Explore more at: www.kimirareddy.com

Kimira Reddy

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