Photo: Acme Studios


Envision is a showcase of nine immersive micro excerpts of new contemporary work by women and non-binary artists of colour, multiracial, Indigenous and Metis. Originating from the 3.7% Initiative, envisioning a new future of representation in performance, hosted by Boca del Lupo at Performance Works.

The showcase features performances of short excerpts from Possessed (lead artist: Diana Bang); ‘Da Kink in My Hair by Trey Anthony (lead artists Mariam Barry, Gavan Cheema); You Used to Call Me Marie (lead artist: Tai Grauman); Fireflies (lead artist: Kanon Hewitt; produced by Killjoy Theatre); We’ve Heard About This Thing Called Life (lead artist: Arggy Jenati); Otosan (lead artists: Shizuka Kai, Jess Amy Shead, Randi Edmundson); Nisei Mending Circle (lead artists: Carolyn Nakagawa, Laura Fukumoto); Lip Service (lead artists: Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Ashley Whitehead); and Akashi (lead artist: Mayumi Yoshida).

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