Photo by Cornelius

The Fugue Fugue

Written and performed by TJ Dawe

Award winning writer/performer and Fringe Festival legend TJ DAWE weaves a compelling new one-man show out of fragments from acclaimed cultural innovators to answer a few questions: How smart are you? How smart are we as a culture? How much can your brain juggle? Are we getting smarter or dumber?

Dawe recruits the work of composer Johann Sebastian Bach, novelist Aldous Huxley, comic book writer Alan Moore, television creator J.J. Abrams, and filmmaker Robert Altman, as well as a self-penned 2011 essay, to entwine and challenge the audience to hear all the “voices” coming at us.  Using multi-media elements from television, film, music, video games, The Fugue Fugue will investigate our ever-increasing communication platforms, and the steps we take to calibrate our own lives.

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