Guided Tour

Presented as part of PuSh Festival 2012

By Peter Reder

There’s so much history around, so many books, TV programs, museums, heritage sites, there’s no space left for the present. Or was it the other way round, it’s all present, without any past?

A beguiling mixture of video and performance, Peter Reder’s Guided Tour takes place after-hours in the darkened passages of the Vancouver Art Gallery—a former provincial courthouse and one of the city’s most treasured turn-of-the-century heritage buildings. From the London-based artist that brought City of Dreams to the 2011 PuSh Festival, Guided Tour similarly explores notions of memory and place through a combination of artifacts, video, text and performance. A guided tour for the post-modern age, this site-specific presentation evokes memories of the past, drawing the audience into a shared contemplation of the nature of architectural spaces and the memories they embody.

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