One Thing Leads to Another

A Collective Collaboration by Maja Ardal, Audrey Dwyer, Mary Francis Moore and Julia Tribe

Developed from the original concept, research and theme by Maja Ardal
Produced by Young People’s Theatre, Toronto

Young People’s Theatre’s critically-acclaimed, award-winning show for babies comes to Vancouver as part of its national tour! An innovative work of theatre created specifically for infants, this production transforms everyday objects into fabulous, fanciful, theatrical phenomena as it engages, stimulates and delights babies and adults alike.

As they develop and thrive, infants use all of their senses to learn about the world. In this production, performers engage with these youngest of audience members using music, enticing visuals and tactile experiences. When the show is over, babies and caregivers can explore the set and experiment with objects from the play, enhancing their own individual experience.

“Baby theatre delights tiny Toronto audience”

– Toronto Star

“…invites first-time theatregoers to play and leaves them hungry for more.”

– CBC TV, The National

“Fascinating show for infants demonstrates that theatre can appeal to the youngest audience.”

– NOW Magazine

Performers Maja Ardal and Malindi Ayienga Music initiatives Maja Ardal Director/Arts Education initiatives Mary Francis Moore Design initiatives Julia Tribe

 Recommended for ages 3 to 12 months but suitable for up to 24 months.

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