Pochsy at the Airport Hotel Photo courtesy of Boca del Lupo

Pochsy at the Airport Hotel

A post-lockdown experiment in three-dimensional virtual reality for Boca del Lupo’s LivePerformance360.

LivePerformance360 continues in-person at The Fishbowl on Granville Island with The Magic Hour 360 produced by Electric Company Theatre and The Only Animal and Pochsy at the Airport Hotel created by Karen Hines for LP360 March 30 to April 3.


March 30: 7 pm (MH), 8 pm (P), 9 pm (MH)
March 31: 7 pm (P), 8 pm (MH), 9 pm (P)
April 1: 7 pm (MH), 8 pm (P), 9 pm (MH)
April 2: 1 pm (P), 2 pm (MH), 3 pm (P) & 6 pm (MH), 7 pm (P), 8 pm (MH)
April 3: 1 pm (P), 2 pm (MH), 3 pm (P)

Ticket price: $10 per show

Location: The Fishbowl on Granville Island
#100 – 1398 Cartwright St, Vancouver

Pochsy at the Airport Hotel

Written and performed by Karen Hines
Directed by Sandi Somers
Sound Design and Edited by Carey Dodge

Forget about Trip Advisor, trash your Trivago, and dive into this enchanted, uncharted Hospitality Zone in 360 degrees. In an airport hotel on the shores of the River Styx, Pochsy mourns the loss of her job at Mercury Packers, navigates her struggles being “vegan-fluid,” and tries to conceal an unnatural pre-occupation with bubble wrap.

Should she check her messages for the fiftieth time? Or solve the perennial question: why does a tiny can of Pringles cost $11.95? Come sit with Pochsy on the edge of her king-sized bed, on the precipice of existence, in this meditation on globalization and the future of the human soul. (Pochsy is an anagram for “Psycho” and rhymes with “The Pox.”)

Artist Talks

Host Sherry J Yoon in conversation with Pochsy at the Airport Hotel creative team Karen Hines (writer and performer) and Sandi Somers (director).
This video was recorded via Zoom at The Fishbowl on Granville Island on Friday, April 1st, 2022.

Creative Team

Karen Hines

Writer & Performer

Hines is an award-winning playwright, performer and director in theatre, television and film, and a National Magazine Award-winning writer. She is a recent finalist for the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, and a two-time finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama for The Pochsy Plays and Drama: Pilot Episode. Hines appeared as “Karen” for three seasons on CBC’s Emmy Award-winning Newsroom, and in many “awkward assistant” roles in Toronto-for-New York movies. Her short films featuring the character Pochsy have been presented internationally, as have the live performances, and her solo Crawlspace (recently presented by Boca del Lupo) has toured widely (Crawlspace is now a CBC PlayMe Podcast). Hines’s latest dark comedy All the Little Animals I Have Eaten was cancelled before its 2020 Toronto opening due to COVID-19, but morphed during lockdown, and will premiere in a French translation at Montreal’s Jamais Lu Festival this May. Along with a few current Boca projects, Karen is now writing the fourth in the Pochsy series, Pochsy IV: My Heart Breaks For You.

Karen Hines
Writer & Performer

Sandi is a set, lighting, costume and projection designer for theatre and an award winning filmmaker.  She’s designed for companies such as One Yellow Rabbit, ATP, The Alberta Ballet, Lunchbox, and Making Treaty 7. Her previous works with Karen Hines include All the Little Animals I have Eaten and Crawl Space. Sandi’s award winning films have screened internationally and she was honoured with Calgary’s Doug and Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award.  Sandi created and currently oversees the organization HERLAND dedicated to the advancement of women in screen based industries.  

Sandi Somers

Carey Dodge

Sound & Video editor

Technology Director of Boca Del Lupo

Carey is a board member of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. Carey is a multidisciplinary artist and technologist whose work focuses on sonic arts, interactivity, installations, sound design and performance. He studied Electroacoustics at Concordia University and received a Masters at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast. He has collaborated with hundreds of artists in the creation of works mostly in Vancouver but also Montreal, Toronto, the USA, UK & Ireland.

Through his work with Boca del Lupo in the unique role as a full-time technology director for a theatre company he as worked with the core creative team to continually expand, challenge and grow what is possible and what are impactful uses of technology for expressing artistic vision and connection with each other.

Carey Dodge
Sound & Video editor

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