SLaM 2021

Over 6 months, the first iteration of SLaM supported on 18 projects, engaged 21 artist, and connected 15 mentors plus many more collaborators across the country through SLaM’s Project, Career, and Leadership Development Streams.

Project Development Stream

  • Marlene Ginader with Ran Xia, Lyle Chan, Symin Adive, Evelyn Chew, Nadeem Phillip, Judy Kwon, Rivkah Reyes, Carmela Sison, Larry Wong, Almeera Jiwa, Rosie Simon, Mark De Guzman, Suwon Weaver, Andrea Carlisle Rodriguez, Joy Castro, Giovanni Espiritu, Mae Jamoyot, Aarushi Agni, & Melissa Mandella
  • Munish Sharma with dramaturge Jiv Parasram
  • Lois Anderson & Laara Sadiq
  • June Fukumura & Keely O’Brien
  • Britney Buren with Sarah Roa, Lucas Rojen, Michelle Young, Sabrina Ng, Nikki Rei, & Eli Morris
  • Minah Lee with Wryly Andherson
  • Patricia Trinh with Jennifer Tong, Jesse Del Fierro, & Katrina Teitz
  • Zahida Rahemtulla
  • Sangeeta Wylie with Lydie Dubuisson
  • Carmela Sison with Nina Lee Aquino & Jovanni Sy
  • Adam Grant Warren

Career & Mentorship Developent Stream

  • Cameron Peal with Keith Barker
  • Mariam Barry with Omari Newton
  • Nyla Carpentier with Jay Dodge & Carey Dodge
  • Sara Bynoe with Anita Rochon
  • Rose Cortez with Sherry J Yoon, Heather Lindsay, & Carmela Sison

Leadership Development Stream

The Black Theatre Collective:

Britney Buren, Celia Aloma, and Sasha Hayden

with Monice Peter, Lili Robinson, Keren Burkett, Kris Kuruneri, Sia Foryoh, and Marion Landers

with National mentors:

Project Development with Company Partnership


Support for SLaM comes from RBC Emerging Artists and our generous donors.

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