SLaM 2022

Here are the participants of SLaM 2022.

Project Development

Lois Anderson & Laara Sadiq, Sharon Bala with RCA Theatre in Newfoundland, Marlene Ginader, Sarah Nairne, Yvette Nolan, Farah Nosh, Debbie Patterson, Cameron Peale, Patricia Trinh and Kate Boutilier.

Career Development

Lorryzel Badajos, Charlotte Chang, Kevin Kiju Kim, Elina Kipra, Zac Labrie, Megan Lane, Lorena Torres Loaiza, Rachel E. Ross, Cheyane See, Sol Saito, Sam Street, Shona Struthers and Jason Su.


Sean Arden, Sammy Chien, Carey Dodge, Jay Dodge, and Caroline MacCaull, and Amy MacDougall.


Support for SLaM comes from RBC Emerging Artists and our generous donors.

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