SLaM 2024

Learn about the participants and projects being supported by SLaM in 2024.

We are excited to announce the participants in SLaM for 2024.

SLaM is Boca del Lupo’s program to support creative development. SLaM helps emerging ideas and artistic exploration progress to a solid foundation ready for project funding applications and final development.

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SLaM this year will be supporting Jiyun Ru, Mark Leiren-Young, Kimira Reddy, Trina Haldar, Farah Nosh, Gloria Mok, Abhimanyu Acharya, Maki Yi, Masae Day and Beth Kates, Lucia Frangione, Radix Theatre (not pictured above), Marilo Nunez, and Damion LeClair. SLaM Students this year are Stefani Grimaldi, Ana Ururahy, Jenny Kwon, Colleen Bayati, and Kady Yeung.

More information on biographies and projects coming soon.

SLaM is supported by RBC Emerging Artists and the generosity of our donors.

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