VR Salon

A collection of works from around the world in virtual reality

LivePerformance360, an exploring the intersection of contemporary performance and immersive technology with VR work from around the world.

A part of LivePerformance360, VR Salon has been curated with an eye to stimulating the imagination of both audiences and local artists by Sherry J Yoon with consultation by Jo Mangan of Ireland’s Performance Corporation. These four projects highlight what VR does best.

Choose from two suites of work from inspirational creators working within immersive mediums.

May 11: 6 pm (S1), 7 pm (S2), 8 pm (S1), 9 pm (S2)
May 12: 6 pm (S1), 7 pm (S2), 8 pm (S1), 9 pm (S2)
May 13: 6 pm (S1), 7 pm (S2), 8 pm (S1), 9 pm (S2)
May 14: 2 pm (S1), 3 pm (S2), 6 pm (S1), 7 pm (S2), 8 pm (S1), 9 pm (S2)

Suite 1 (S1)

Passenger (Australia)

Directed by Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine
Produced by Film Camp
10 mins

360 degree stop-motion VR film that tells the story of arriving in a new country to live. Your taxi driver, himself a migrant to Australia, navigates the new terrain with you, acting as your guide while also revealing small parts of his own story.

Sitting in the back of a taxi, driving through the dark, you gradually piece together your story, abstracted and dream-like, as you progress into the quiet shock of a new world.

Traveling While Black (Canada, USA)

Directed by Roger Ross Williams with collaborating directors Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël
Produced by Felix & Paul Studios
20 mins

An immersive virtual reality documentary experience about the risks faced by blacks on the road in mid-20th Century America, and the safe spaces as listed in the famous guide, The Green Book, where they could eat and sleep.

Suite 2 (S2)

Marco & Polo Go Round (Canada, Belgium)

Directed by Benjamin Steiger Levine
Produced by Item 7 and Belga Productions
14 mins

A comedic love story with a very surreal twist. A couple confronts the difficulties in their relationship as gravity turns on its head and their world literally falls apart around them.

Dinner Party (USA)

Co-production by TelexistRYOT, and Skybound
14 mins

A 3D virtual reality experience based on the true story of Betty and Barney Hill, an interracial couple who in 1961 reported the first nationally known UFO abduction.

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