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A collaboration between Boca del Lupo and the Dr Peter Centre, these audio plays and e-scripts explore the issues around vaccine hesitancy in an effort to create empathy and compassion on all sides.


… and Those Who Love Them was inspired by Boca del Lupo’s national Plays2Perform@Home project, these free audio plays and digital scripts are available for all to see and share. These scripts are meant as practice dialogues for people who might find themselves in any number of difficult conversations.

Each audio play is followed by an interview between the playwrights and a special guest expert hosted by Boca del Lupo’s own Sherry J Yoon or Jay Dodge.

Find all four below or look for them where ever you get your podcasts.

“Throughout the pandemic our focus has been to centre artists to help us make sense of these extraordinary times. When the Dr. Peter Centre approached us about working on the vaccine roll out, we had to say yes. We approached four playwrights who’s lived experience might offer insight and support to those of us who are hesitant ourselves or have loved ones in our circle who are. We think of these as theatrical conversations embodying the difficult situations that many of us are finding ourselves in. Whether it’s a discussion you are having with yourself, or someone in your circle, we hope these short plays will help you navigate this issue with compassion and empathy.”

– Sherry J Yoon, Artistic Director & Jay Dodge, Artistic Producer

“We know there are many reasons for people to feel distrustful towards the vaccine and our healthcare system in general. For many of us who do have confidence in the vaccine, we are worried about the safety of our loved ones. Boca del Lupo’s ‘Dialogues for the Vaccine Hesitant’ are designed to build empathy towards people on both sides of the conversations and give us tools to navigate difficult conversations. The tools will help all of us, whether we are on the front lines of the public health crisis or heading to a dinner with family and friends. With so much divide that has occurred over the past two years, we are grateful to be in partnership with Boca who has used funds from the vaccine microgrant program to build a project designed to bring us back together.”

Scott Elliott, Executive Director, Dr. Peter Centre

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But Why? by Mary-Colin Chisholm with Eastern Front Theatre

Directed by Kat McCormack
James MacLean as Kim
Tindra Johnson as Suzu
Mary-Colin Chisholm as Linda/Sparkles

But Why? navigates the issues that parents and guardians are facing with children aged 5 to 11 when it comes to getting the shot.

Kim is a Dad wondering how to talk with his elementary school aged daughter, Suzu, about getting her vaccination. With the help of their cat, Sparkles, Kim and Suzu talk through some of her fears and what she’s over heard about the vaccine.

Vaxx Pass by Omari Newton with Centaur Theatre Company

Directed by Eda Holmes
Laurier Rajotte, Sound Recordist
Justin Johnson as Chi
Dakota Jamal Wellman as Amare
Jeremy Cabrera as Junior
Espoir Segbeaya as Sosa

Vaxx Pass illuminates the understandable apprehension that many racialized communities have when faced with government mandated medical procedures.

As four members of a hip-hop group prepare to defend their World Champion title at an upcoming dance competition, they find out that one member, Chi, is not vaccinated. The group hash out their mistrust of the medical system, how quickly the vaccination was rolled out, and how restricting vaccine passports feel.

The Case of You by Yvette Nolan with Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Directed by Melissa Langdon
Chris Brett, Head of Sound of the Tom Hendry Warehouse
Stephanie Sy as Kelsey
Hera Nalam as Jo

The Case of You deals with how the spread of information and mis-information play as big a part in many of our lives as the disease itself.

Kelsey, a fully vaccinated and mother of two, and her sister Jo, who is vaccine hesitant, talk about the influence Jo has on Kelsey’s children. Jo’s views threaten to sway her niece and nephew against getting the shot. Kelsey and Jo discuss the line between facts and opinions and how the affect strong personal views can have the family.

Tiny Fist Waving by Karen Hines with One Yellow Rabbit

Denise Clark as Veda
Karen Hines as Vicki

Tiny Fist Waving illustrates how compassion and empathy are powerful tools in keeping communities together even when our views are miles apart.

Twin sisters, Vicki and Veda, are outside of their younger sister’s wedding. Vicki is unvaccinated and has extreme phobia of the vaccine. Veda is trying to convince her to get the vaccine. Though she is missing out on major life events, Vicki is learning to navigate the world and thoughtfully reflecting on her choice and how to move forward.

Dialogues for the Vaccine Hesitant is supported by the Dr. Peter Centre and CMHC Granville Island

Art and design by Valerie Thai (cabin + cub)

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